Time Played (Earth): 15:39:08

Time Lived (Prelife): a few seconds

Favours Spent: undefined gajillion

Made: 0

Delivered: 0

Wasted Production: 0

Empty Deliveries: 0

Production Efficiency: NaN%

Delivery Efficiency: NaN%

Producing 0 traits / second

Delivering 0 traits / second

Purchased 0 of 0

    Management are impatient.

    things have changed in the prelife...

    v0.9.1 - 14 Nov 2019

    • tweaked the storage system to better handle weird edge cases
    • accepted that all human creations are ultimately imperfect

    v0.9.0 - 13 Nov 2019

    • fixed yet more idiotic subtle bugs allowing traits to be double-delivered or missed
    • added thousand separators in various places where numbers were getting difficult to read
    • smoother delivery animations—no more buttons jumping about annoyingly

    v0.2.2 - 1 Nov 2019

    • added dividers between machine types in the machines box for visual clarity
    • added flexible machinery upgrade—moves capacity between production/delivery as required

    v0.2.1 - 28 Oct 2019

    • removed obsolete ability to sell machines
    • minor bugfixes

    v0.2.0 - 26 Oct 2019

    • added simple changelog
    • massive refactoring to support save/load and also fix page reloading exploit to prevent duplicating upgrades
    • employee progress bars are now indeterminate when producing super fast, to reduce unnecessary strobe effect
    • storage upgrades now end in a round number for extra satisfaction
    • 'e' homepage link now opens in a new window to prevent accidental loss of progress
    • buffed delivery upgrades 'stackable crates' and 'invent cranes'
    • industrial warehouse now has the actual intended size
    • polished machine descriptions & displays
    • added tooltips to explain the functionality of all upgrades as you buy them
    • improved stats screen; added accurate playtimer (in Earth & prelife time); efficiency stats; machine stats
    • rebalancing: tweaked values for all production machines and added Loaders—exponentially powerful delivery machines. Maintaining balance between production/delivery should now be smoother and more in the player's control.
    • rebalancing: tweaked all early game values and upgrades to reduce waiting time early on
    • rebalancing: added extra late game upgrades to further smooth progression
    • fixed subtle bug preventing some traits from appearing properly in storage
    • fixed *other* subtle bug allowing small numbers of traits to be double-delivered